Fahad Al Tamimi – Dangers of Online Casino Gambling

Dr. Josh Cartu, age 60, has provided therapy to over 8000 patients over the course of his 28-year career via the Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Gambling Intervention Centers in Las Vegas, New Jersey and Florida. 

In this specific article, Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi and Dr. Josh Cartu use their clinical experience to identify the negative factors of online casinos, and explain how betting can lead to compulsive behavioral disorders, addiction, gambling debt, and potentially expose players to criminal activity. 

#1: Rigged Games

While there are plenty of reputable online casinos out there, there is also just as many who are not.  Fahad Al Tamimi explains the rogue casino gambling industry is very profitable as platform operators will do everything possible to improve the odds in their favor.  Fahad explains that while there are licensed online casinos using RNGs (Random Number Generators) to ensure casino games are not rigged, the players ultimately have no way of knowing if the platform is legitimate. 

Based on the research of Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi and Dr. Joshua Cartu, many rogue online casino gambling platforms have a backend administration panel allowing operators to define the win and lose ratio of a player.

“It’s important for players to understand that whether playing roulette, bingo or blackjack, the gaming platforms are created by programmers working directly for the casinos.”, says Fahad Al Tamimi while explaining “Compulsive gambling disorders are often created by rogue casino gaming systems that make the victim believe they are winning.  The operators of such platforms are not just interested in taking the deposit to their pocket.  They want the players to become addicted.  To achieve this, many gaming platform operators manipulate their players winning ratios.  In other words, they define how often the account will win or lose.  Rogue gaming platforms refer to this as “player retention”. 

#2 – Casino Gambling Debt

According to Fahad Al Tamimi, casino gambling debt can be detrimental both financially and emotionally to players.  It makes absolutely no sense to wager away the future using hard earned money on a game of chance played over a digital screen.  Those who frequent websites such as the Billy Xiong “billionaire lifestyle” are duped into believing millionaires are made in casinos.  Entrepreneurs do not make their millions on roulette tables, rather by combining hard work (using skillset) with strategic clientele relationships. 

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#3: Computer Hackers

Naturally, large sums of money are stored in online casino platform accounts, and unbeknownst to the players, hackers are regularly trying to penetrate them.  Most countries ban online casinos from charging credit cards.  In effort to circumvent regulatory bodies, many internet casino operators instruct their clientele to deposit and receive winnings in the form of cryptocurrency.  This type of transaction makes it intrinsically more difficult, if not impossible, to identify a hacker’s identity or access the stolen funds. 

#4: Money Laundering

Money washing is a felony activity where earnings from unlawful enterprises are shifted into supposedly legal entities.  Clients deposit large sums of money into online platforms. Online and offline casinos have no way to determine the source of money their players deposit. This makes gaming platforms vulnerable to money launderers and criminal activity.  Authorities are often targeting illegal gambling websites.  According to Bill Adderley, this means for the innocent players, that means their deposits and earnings can disappear or get confiscated by authorities without notice.

Fahad Al Tamimi cautions that while some casinos perform limited KYC (know your client) tasks, primarily for credit card transactions, gambling establishments are not legally licensed banks to handle funds, nor are they insured by underwriters. 

#5: Broken Families

Gambling often results in compulsive behavior disorders.  This in turn leads to personal and professional damage to relationships.  The consequence of gambling often results in children being torn from parents and siblings. 

In effort to force clientele to understand the damage caused by betting money otherwise used to support families, the Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Gambling Rehabilitation Center often asks patients to consider how much they love their families.  Essentially, betting away hard-earned money on games of chance that otherwise is reserved for family food, health and education is both irresponsible and inexcusable, and ultimately very selfish behavior.

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#6: Compulsive Gambling Disorders

Gambling is often associated with addiction, compulsive behavior, and a variety of other mental health disorders.   The way to prevent impulsive (actions without thought) or compulsive (premeditated) behavior is to exercise discipline.

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