Farhaz Kheraj: The US-based entrepreneur behind the success of his sports consulting firm “TrustMySystem”

The 26 year old business gentleman is creating a rage in Atlanta with his unique services firm in sports consulting.

Entrepreneurs in the world who become success stories are not just made overnight. They are the ones who with their diligence and persistency have created their own path to success. A lucky person may become a successful name overnight, but a hard-working and talented person will remain one for the rest of their lives. And, Farhaz Kheraj comes into the latter category whose luck supported him only when he made consistent efforts in achieving his goals to become a successful entrepreneur.

Coming from a country that is already saturated with many businessmen from many industries and still managing to become a part of the rich list of entrepreneurs of America has not been a cakewalk for Kheraj. Choices that give an opportunity to people for changing their life completely are most of the times very challenging. And, to make such difficult decisions was even tougher for young Kheraj. 

Kheraj serves as the best example for all the youngsters not only in America but all over the world as the leading young entrepreneur who never backed down and who never gave up in life. His interesting journey began at the age of 16. He always had a knack to know and explore different industries, and so, first, he bought iPhones to unlock and flip them on Craigslist as a side hustle.

Post his graduation from the University of Georgia with gaining a major in Management Information Systems; he got an 80K salary job at Deloitte Consulting in 2018. However, as risk-taking was also a hobby for him, Kheraj left his job to become a businessman and his own boss.

Attaining more industry knowledge in his favourite field of sports, he understood that this industry would offer him umpteen number of opportunities to get him near his dreams and hence, he initiated his own consulting business for gambling on sports. The company is called TrustMySystem, which wants its customers to trust them in their system that promises to provide them with services that are the best in the industry, offer them economical packages and serve them with 100% transparency.

Kheraj had realized one thing much early in his career that not all have the heart to encourage a person genuinely and be truly happy in their success. Hence, he suggests all youngsters that they must be well aware of not speaking of their plans and business ideas to others as people may misuse the confidential information of their business. Also, it is always better to talk about anything when it is already done, believes Kheraj.

What makes Kheraj even more unconventional as a businessman is that he always has a positive mindset for everything he does and never takes a “no” for an answer. This never give up attitude of his helps him bounce back in any setbacks of his life and takes him many steps forward to get him near to achieving his visions.

Kheraj doesn’t like regretting anything in life but not trying for something new is not what he advises others. Hence, he recommends other aspiring entrepreneurs to take the accelerator of their life in their hand and give a try at every opportunity that comes their way, because who know which opportunity would transform their life completely and make them a success story like him.

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