Florida Man, Jay Holt, Talks About the Naturopathic Treatment for Barrett’s Esophagus

Jay Holt, a Florida-based man has shared his experience with fighting Barrett’s Esophagus and also suggested the naturopathic treatment to deal with this disease. After experiencing heartburn for a long period of time, Holt established that it would last for a lifetime. He underwent several treatments but nothing worked for him and he didn’t get satisfactory results.

Since college time, Jay drank a lot of coffee which led to his heartburn and development of the disease, Barrett’s Esophagus. On the suggestion of an office guy, Jay decided to give the naturopathic treatment a try but he was not much hopeful about getting positive results from this option. According to Jay Holt, his visit to a natural doctor helped him significantly and he got benefitted with the use of the formula specified by the doctor for Barrett’s esophagus.

Jay Holt has reported that Barrett’s formula worked on him and he managed to win the fight against Barrett’s esophagus. Now, he is spreading the word about the effectiveness of the formula in treating Barrett’s esophagus. Many pathology reports have also endorsed the positive impact of Barrett’s formula in curing Barrett’s esophagus in a limited period of time.

Barrett’s esophagus is a medical condition in which the tissues in the esophagus are replaced by similar tissues present in the intestinal lining. It is a common disease among people suffering from long-term gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

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