Global E-Learning Market Revenue to Reach $325 Bn by 2025: Survey

A global survey conducted by Research and Markets has highlighted that the global e-learning market share is expected to witness a huge jump in the coming years. The online education market stood at $107 billion in 2015 and it is going to see a growth of CAGR 9.23% to reach the mark of $325 billion by the year 2025. From the year 2015, the new number is expected to multiply thrice to cross the boundary of $300 Bn.

The major reason for this estimated growth is the increasing digitization across the world and it has made it possible for every person to learn any educational content online. And moreover, the availability of affordable online educational courses has contributed to an increase in the demand for e-learning among students and working professionals. Due to the availability of cheap internet, it has become possible for every person to enroll in any online learning course for gaining knowledge about any subject.

People have even been paying a lot of attention to choose the right type of browser online to watch their favorite content in high-quality. Hence, the use of the UC Browser has become all the more common and it is reflected in the rising UC Browser download numbers across the globe.

The users have been taking care of the security of their personal as well as financial details in order to prevent themselves from falling a victim to any online fraud. Due to the rising awareness about the benefits of e-learning, not just students but also the working professionals have been enrolling themselves in online courses to gain knowledge about specific subjects.

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