How Lyla Blanc is Bringing Affordable Luxury in the Perfume Market

The Indian market is probably one of the most price sensitive markets in the entire world. Being the second most populous country, the economy is experiencing a rapid growth in brands, startups and urbanization due to the meteoric rise in the services sector. Even global brands which have launched their products for premium prices in the market have been forced to change their pricing policies due to the intensity of competition here. The same goes for the perfume and deodorant industry. While commercial players have ruled the market for years, people are slowly switching over to luxury artisanal perfumes.

Lyla Blanc stands out as one of the biggest success stories in the changing landscape of artisanal perfumes. Based in Mumbai, the brand now has over 150 variants of perfumes. When the brand started, their vision was to change and bring affordable luxury to people. They have been able to bring customized artisanal fragrances, starting from 595 INR. Their journey does not stop at luxury fragrances only. Their Hott and Naughty Girl series has been massive hits.

Lyla Blanc’s secret mantra is rather simple. Focus on the quality of ingredients and deliver value for money. Arif Fazlani, the Managing Director of Lyla Blanc has been awarded the prestigious Times Leading Icons Award 2019 for “Luxury Perfumes”. His vision has reached new heights with Lyla Blanc now catering to the customers abroad in Paris, New York and London.

Lyla Blanc has not only penetrated the luxury perfume market, but they are now tapping other markers too. They have recently entered the personal care industry, offering bathing, skin care products for men, women and children.

Lyla Blanc has a huge variety of luxury perfumes to choose from, with the recently launched Private Green Moss and Private Dark Wood, priced at 1199 INR. The Club Blue Cedar remains the best seller perfume from Lyla Blanc. It focuses on traditional spices, infused with the goodness of bergamot, lemon as the initial note. The middle note has Galbanum, clary sage for the added spicy hint. The base of the note consists of Oakmoss, Cedar. The complex blend creates a rejuvenating effect and creates a lasting sensation.

Lyla Blanc’s focus on quality and price makes it believable that luxury perfumes do not burn a hole in your pocket. As the Indian perfume market experiences a rapid transformation from cheap, commercial products to luxurious artisanal perfumes, Lyla Blanc brings a breath of fresh air, quite literally.

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