Jakob Hager is one of the most Successful Digital Marketing Experts in the German Speaking World

An Austrian citizen, Jakob Hager, based in Dubai, has created the first online education program to teach Campaign Management to its participants. The demand for graduates who can manage Facebook, Instagram, Google and other marketing campaigns is huge. Through this program, people in the German speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) will be able to learn how to manage these campaigns in practice and apply the skills for various local businesses.

There is high demand for the program by companies plus individuals who want to work as independent campaign managers. Jakob aims to make the program in English too. In Dubai since 2017, Jakob has launched 2 successful software businesses.One is named Mentortools that focuses on getting online entrepreneurs simple and highly customization membership areas, and the second one is named Masterpages that allows businesses to create websites optimized for generating leads.

He is a software engineer who has lived in various places from Moscow, San Francisco to Vienna.He has also studied economics in Vienna. He started his first company while he was pursuing college. It was a remote virtual-assistant service in the German speaking world. But his marketing skills held him back so eventually he closed his business and decided to move to San Francisco to pick up the necessary skills.

Jakob has spent a digital marketing budget of about €50 million for his clients and got them an average return on advertising spend (ROAS) of 5x (€250 million). He has volunteered at marketing conferences and studied Facebook marketing in depth. These skills and education led him to work for several high-profile clients in the United States, following which he moved back to Vienna to share his experience with his community by writing a book on how to do online marketing for German small business owners. The book sold over 35k copies and was a major hit.

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You can follow Jakob on his social media or visit his website here:

Instagram – https://instagram.com/jakobhag

Website – https://www.jakobhager.com/

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