Latest Hip Hop EP by Ded Stark, Titled “DED DIARY VOLUME 4”, Sure To Top Your Playlist

Once you listen to the hip hop EP by Ded Stark, “DED DIARY VOLUME 4”, you are sure to go berserk, wanting for more. The artist who has delivered more than 50 tracks in the last 3 years of his career, is back with another treat for your ears. His new groovy numbers flaunt his rhythmic rap style with feet tapping digital music. The lyrics of the tracks are progressive yet mellow.

Ded Stark’s beats intrigue you all over whether you listen to the tracks ‘Grow Up’, ‘Birds’, ‘Lifes a Beach’, ‘Shame’, or ‘ Memory Lane’. He blends a sleepy texture of the song beautifully with a contemporary rap influence that is rare to come across in other songs of this time. Different artists have tried but failed miserably as it is not an easy feat to achieve. The digital music is apt as it is carefully calculated to fit in with the vocals.

Most of the work on the tracks and music is done by the multi talented artist himself. He has played the instruments, done the sampling, recording, and editing of the track. The tracks have the quality of being easy to listen to innumerable times, thus they surely top the playlist of the listeners.

The artist has tracks for all moods, be it chill hip hop music or a track that provides one with the right punch of energy. The music lovers admire the qualities of all the Ded Stark tracks. His social media accounts are filled with all the love from his listeners and he keeps them updated about his tracks using the accounts on Facebook and SoundCloud.

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