Lockdown Due to Coronavirus is Currently Leading to a Global Shortage of Food Supply

A global survey has highlighted that the imposition of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic has created a situation of a global shortage of food supply. It is found that people in different corners of the world are now facing the scarcity of different food grains in their daily lives. Even if they are managing to get such food grain products, the prices for those products are very high.

All across the globe, millions of farmers and workers are not being able to reach their fields for harvesting and planting. Moreover, the transportation of different food products has stopped due to the cessation of the movement of food products carriers to different parts. However, there are certain online food grain supplier services that are making available different food products at affordable prices.

Amidst the coronavirus lockdown period, the global shortage of non-roasted buckwheat, roasted buckwheat, Tatary buckwheat, has been observed due to the closure of exports from Ukraine and Russia. After deep research, it is found that BALMTA is currently providing all the required food grain products at the best possible prices. Even BALMTA, the food wholesale company, is offering Thai Rice at local prices on its online platform, BALMTA.com.

BALMTA’s other range of products includes white kidney bean, sunflower seeds, black kidney bean, and white millet, etc. And the company supplies its products to different countries in the regions namely, Europe, the Middle East, Canada, America, and South-East Asia.

The company releases its products into the market after they satisfy different food standards to obtain certification of organic products. Various food grain products satisfy HACCP standards to obtain ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and OHSAS -18001 certifications.

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Different governments are making efforts to make available the required supply of food items at a global level. In addition to this, they are thinking of amending the lockdown restrictions to allow the movement of movers and carriers to ensure the right supply of food products to different corners of the world.

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