“Love For a Day”, a New Release by the Pop Artist, Anna Azerli, Shows her Vocal and Lyrical Capacity

Emerging pop artist, Anna Azerli, has released a new single titled, “Love for a Day”, which is her second song in her music career. Earlier, the pop icon made a strong buzz with her debut single, “Falcon”, which received a positive response from listeners. “Love for a Day” is a debut English single by the pop artist and it has quality content to listen to for music lovers.

Anna Azerli has very delicately weaved different music elements and pop styles into her new song, “Love For a Day”. In her new single, she has shared her personal experiences related to her romantic life. The song can make any listener experience the true and desirable feeling of love and affection from a loved one.

The song has a versatile pop touch with a balanced immersion of rhythms. Everything including vocals, melody, and lyrics, is very well engraved into the song by Anna Azerli. And it reflects the vocal and lyrical capacity of the upcoming pop artist.

Anna Azerli has faced many difficulties in her personal and professional life to emerge as a successful pop artist in the musical world. Born in New Zealand, she didn’t get the expected parental support because of the untimely death of her parents.

Post this, she moved to Berlin and eventually she settled in Milano, Italy when she was just 16. In order to pursue music as a career, Anna Azerli registered herself at the Accademia Teatro all Scala to learn the intricacies of opera singing.

2009 global economic crisis left the opera houses shut and this made her dive into the pop music world. With the passage of time, she learned different pop styles and chose pop/dance as her own sound. Anna then decided to move to California to boost her music career.

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Just before the coronavirus pandemic, she was prepared to be a part of a permanent show in Las Vegas, but her plans got spoiled due to the Covid-19 health crisis. Currently, she is working on a reality show in association with a renowned production company based in Los Angeles. Visit the links below to listen to her songs and know more about her.

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