Matt Harwood – The Dogfather, Runs his Dog Grooming Business in an Environment Friendly Way

Matt Harwood is widely known as the “Dogfather.” There is a reason that he is a favorite among the furry friends. He handles them with care and grooms them to be comfortable inside a moving vehicle.

Most of the dogs get uncomfortable when moving in a van or a car. They get iffy and might get nervous or lash out. But Matt grooms dogs by going to their places, and it’s a great way to avoid the unnecessary fuss.

Matt Harwood grooms dogs in his vans. You can learn more about basic grooming tricks if you are looking to groom your dog by your own self. But the fact that he had to go from one place to another by burning fuel took a toll on his income and the carbon footprint. The amount of gas utilized in the process was enormous. He shared that most of his income vanished into the fuel tank. So he finds out a way to save his money and use less energy.

Instead of using the conventional vans that consume a lot of energy, he tweaked up all of his ten vans with the generator. He connected a gas engine with a heavy-duty battery that can be charged while driving.

So, he only uses the generator when he needs to use the dryer and the air conditioning. This way, he saves around three times more fuel and money. He shared that instead of using the generator for an hour or hour and a half, he only uses it when he is about to run the blow dryer or the air conditioning.

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Matt is glad he is doing something smart and reducing his use of fuel. He is happy that his step is better for the environment.

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