Medical Cannabis is now Available in Canada in all Stores of Shoppers Drug Mart

Canadian retail pharmacy, Shoppers Drug Mart is now offering medical cannabis across the nation. Initially, the pharmacy started to provide medical cannabis on its portal only to Ontario and Alberta.

Canada has more than 1.1 million consumers of medical cannabis. Now they don’t need to purchase cannabis for medical purposes from the illicit market. Shoppers Drug Mart will also provide prescription about medical cannabis on its online platform except for provinces like Quebec where it is not completely operational. Patients from these areas still require a doctor’s prescription regarding medical cannabis.

Shoppers Drug Mart is allowing medical cannabis on all its platforms in the nation. People can use these platforms to order medical cannabis from 12 medical producers. The store has obtained licenses from Health Canada to sell medical cannabis on its selected platforms.

The online retail pharmacy has the authorization to distribute cannabis products directly to the consumers. Shoppers Drug Mart has almost 1,300 stores in Canada. The medical cannabis is available on these stores with a stamp of approval.

Some pharmacists in the country are criticizing Shoppers Drug Mart for providing the medical prescriptions to the patients. According to them, patients should approach pharmacy experts for professional advice. It has been seen many times that the medical cannabis industry has bad relations with pharmacists due to many reasons.

Canadian Pharmacists Association had opposed medical cannabis in the country and noted that pharmacists should take a primary role in the distribution of medical cannabis to the patients.

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