Meet the staggering business mogul who auctioned over $4 billion in gross volume of  real estate, Adrian Bo

Entrepreneurs are simply those  who understand that there is a little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

Who knows this better than the dazzling Adrian Bo. He is an accredited high scale real estate agent and an astute auctioneer with over 30 years of experience and has a turnout of 100 sales per year. Raised in Australia, Adrian Bo holds two post graduate degrees in MBA and business administration from the eminent Charles Sturt University. He predominantly specialises in Sales, Coaching, Leadership and auctioneering real estate. Adrian is also a peculiar speaker and is recognised as one of the leading industrial speakers in Australia. Adrian has adroitly used his platform to give generous and efficacious insights about franchise business, owner consulting, super team development and structure, etc to young booming entrepreneurs and has profoundly impacted many small companies. To dive into the theoretical prospects of business and erudite extensive knowledge to many such budding entrepreneurs, Adrian started his own training centre “ Adrian Bo Real estate Sales”. The centre finesses dexterity and makes clients proficient in the domain of real estate and property marketing.

Adrian Bos tremendous work hasnt gone unnoticed. He is regularly called upon by the media to comment on the ongoing state of real estate affairs. He has also been honoured and presented with many awards and recognitions . Recently, Adrian was deemed as one of the top real estate agents by REB, Australia and Number 1 agent in New South Wales and McGrath agency where Adrian worked for a whopping 25 years.

From low to high profile, he has managed to provide excellent services and consultation to all his clients. Some top stars and clients that Adrian has worked for are Sir Richard Branson, Bob Wolfe, Tom Ferry, Mark Bouris, Jennifer Hawkins, James Tostevin and many more. Adrians recent endeavour is recording and streaming his own podcasts to enlighten people about sales and marketing of  real estate. To know more about Adrian Bo , Visit his website

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