Microneedle Patch May Be An Aid to Florida’s Covid-19 Crisis

The answer to prayers may come in the form of microneedling services in Florida. That’s because researchers are hard at work on a potential vaccine against Covid-19. These researchers are looking at a fingertip-sized skin patch to administer the potential vaccine.

This tiny product is under development by the University of Pittsburgh and its Medical Center. So far, the researchers have tested on mice.

The testing was able to produce antibodies that are specific to SARS-CoV-2. It is believed that enough antibodies are produced to neutralise the dreaded virus.

EBioMedicine published a report on this research and it is the first of its kind to be published.

With the rapid development of microneedle array (MNA) SARS-CoV-2 S1 subunit vaccines, the possible immunogenicity in mice was shown.

Immunogenicity is the ability of a substance to provoke an immune response in the body.

As researchers learn more about the virus, we get closer to a real vaccine. 

First, the ability to provoke an immune response by injecting trimeric forms of MERS-S1 subunit vaccines were evaluated. When a promising immune response was noted, MNA SARS-CoV-2 S1 vaccines were immediately worked on.

These have since been tested in mice and the results were very positive. Now, it is believed that a very likely vaccine has been created thanks to this research.

How Does It Work?


The microneedle array is a very small patch of even smaller needles. The fingertip-sized little patch of needles is able to deliver spike protein pieces to the skin. This is where a body’s immune reaction is the strongest.

The patch is applied in the same way a bandage is. Then, the needles will dissolve into the skin. These tiny needles are made of protein pieces and sugar, nothing more.

The scratch method used to administer the smallpox vaccine is what inspired this idea. It is a more sophisticated version and is also more efficient.

The authors of the report hope to get approval from the FDA to start a phase one human clinical trial. While it is estimated that the trial will likely take a year or longer, the approval will hopefully be given within the next few months.

Microneedling services in Florida will likely be part of the initial response, should the vaccine become a reality and be administered in this way.

This is because the state is really struggling with the Coronavirus and has shown a recent spike in positive cases of the virus.

Recently, the Florida Health Department announced a whopping 7, 347 new positive cases of the virus. 

That takes the state’s total Covid-19 cases to 213, 794. The number of people reported dead because of the Coronavirus stands at approximately 3, 841.

With numbers rising so rapidly, the safety of everyone is a huge concern. The vaccine will be the good news that the world has been waiting for, for a long time.

If you want to know more about this, it is suggested that you get a consultation from an Orlando microneedling office for details.

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