MT Electrical Services: Honest, Transparent, and Reliable Electrical Contracting

MT Electrical Services, based in Concord, North Carolina, is a trusted name in the electrical contracting industry. With a focus on honesty, transparency, and reliability, the company has established itself as a leader in the field. Deploying crews across five states in the Southeast, MT Electrical Services primarily serves the state of North Carolina, specializing in commercial construction, generator installation, and residential home services in the Charlotte metro area.

The company’s portfolio boasts impressive projects, including the wiring of multiple Crunch Fitness gyms and ULTA makeup facilities throughout North Carolina. They have also been extensively involved in electrical work at various Amazon warehouses, with notable contributions at CLT4, the largest Amazon location in North Carolina spanning nearly one million square feet. In addition, MT Electrical Services excels in installing and servicing commercial generators for over 130 nursing homes. They have successfully installed more than 40 new generators of varying sizes and ages while optimizing the buildings’ electrical switchgear and systems to comply with the latest NEC and DHSR regulations.

One of the keys to MT Electrical Services‘ success is their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. The company embraces cutting-edge electrical systems and keeps up with advancements in the industry. This dedication ensures that they provide their clients with niche solutions and the latest technologies for optimal performance and efficiency.

Behind the success of MT Electrical Services is its owner, Harrison Meeks. As an electrical contractor and entrepreneur, Meeks leads the company with a focus on excellence. His personal journey, marked by setbacks and challenges, has instilled in him a strong belief in the power of perseverance and faith. Meeks aspires to inspire others by sharing his story of triumph over adversity and emphasizing the importance of faith in navigating life’s hardships.

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Looking ahead, Meeks envisions expanding his business empire, aiming to own several different companies, including a full-service general contracting and development agency. He also plans to write a self-development book that chronicles his experiences, highlighting his mistakes, failures, and successes in both life and business.

Meeks draws inspiration from influential figures in his life, such as his late father, Troy Meeks, known for his athletic prowess, unwavering faith, and indomitable spirit. Additionally, his father-in-law, Jim Nasim, impresses him with his strategic acumen and unconditional love for his family.

Driven by a desire to make a difference, Meeks aims to raise awareness about Huntington’s disease, a genetic condition that has affected many of his family members. His ultimate life goal is to establish a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for this rare disease.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Meeks finds solace in playing golf and aspires to reach a scratch-level handicap, continuously challenging himself to improve.

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