Niko Gunn & Darrell Battle Star in new movie “Envy” directed by Elijah Garcia

The cast & crew of “Envy” had their first ever production for their movie on February 27th, 2021 at 2:30pm. They recently had their second day of production for their movie on March 5th at 5AM. They shot for over 12+ hours and performed numerous takes and rehearsed their scripts in between takes. The production of “Envy” will occur throughout the course of the months. The hard work & dedication from the actors, photographers, videographers, editors, and the director are doing their best effort to bring this film to the light.

This is a modern day story of Cain & Able, but they are high school track athletes. Darrell Battle plays the envious, mischievous younger brother Cain while Niko Gunn plays the nonchalant , cocky, talented, older brother Able. Able is the brother who Cain deeply despises because of the amount of love and attention Able receives daily. Cain is the brother who is constantly overlooked & overshadowed by his loved ones and other numerous individuals.

The question here is that ; Will Cain stop at nothing to unleash his inner darkness towards his long-time rival sibling Able ? Or will Able overcome his jealous brother by continuing to be the track star everyone knows and loves ? These questions will finally be answered for the fans when “Envy” releases. Check out Niko Gunn, Darrell Battle, and Elijah Garcia on their Instagram pages for more details and updates about their new upcoming movie “Envy”.

IG : @nk3_venom – Niko Gunn
IG : @slyezy- Darrell Battle
IG: @_egfilms – Elijah Garcia

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