Padmaja Bharti – Time is the key according to this bestselling author and artist

Padmaja Bharti, Writer, Author, Designer, Artist, and Blogger, graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Kolkata.

Her one-year journey with time management starts with her first book on Ethics, published in 2020. The name of the book is “Wondering of Indian International Ethics.” The book got a good response on 

Simultaneously, she has published her second book, which is a poetry book. The name of the book is “Rhime of Time” in the same year. This book got the ‘Best Seller’ tag in and published in both national and international portals.

This year, she came up with a new idea of Ethical Economics that is going to be published by Notion Press. The name of the book is “Ethical Economics from History to the Modern World.” Soon, it will be available through Amazon and other online portals.

This book talks about Atharvaveda to the current ethical requirements and ethical business to better and upgrade society. 

This book contains many ideas that can flourish the world with new means Ex. Green Collar jobs, Rule-based Ethics for business, etc. This book is trying to cater to the young mind and business market.

Her passion is not limited here. She is exploring new ideas of writing and paintings. Here, you can see two of her paintings. The first one is talking about numbers and the mathematical game of reversing the numbers into the same position, giving a power generating a number, and providing meaningful results of concentrating the mind. Here we can see the number “One,” which means universal mind in all directions. The second number is “Eight,” which means eight elements supplying the energy through all the time with adding the “Zero,” which has the creating power.

Her second painting is about creating the form of union power of numerical “One” with number “Three” and “Om,” where number “Three” which make the eye of horizon and number “One” which denotes universal power and “Om” which is divine. Altogether, this painting is creating the power of energy from the universe to the mind of Yoga.

We all know that time is essential, but here in her journey towards getting more knowledge and learning more, she wants to prove that time is the key to the journey we should hold. 

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