Passion Driven Zeedajeweler Turns Into A Musician

In a unique turn of events Zeedajeweler  has turned into a musician. This is being seen as an inspiration. This is so because changing streams into such extremes is rare. It takes courage to pursue a career that is full of uncertainties. While a lot of fans feel that the shift is new, for Zeedajeweler it isn’t that new.

For the newly turned musician, making music goes a long way. Zeedajeweler has been making music for a very long time. The only difference this time is that it is going to be professional now.

For people who ask about this shift from the Jewelry market to music making, Zeedajeweler answers saying that they both are majorly connected. It is intriguing how Zeedajeweler  manages to connect both music and jewelry making like water and ice. For Zeedajeweler, jewelry has been a major associate of hip hop music. So music from a jeweler had to be from the hip hop culture.

Zeedajeweler believes in non binary about professional goals. Musician feels that if he were not making music then he’d be doing anything else that excited him. That’s a major learning to take from the artist. Gunna, young thug, Nlechoppa and Kodakblack are the artists that are with Zeedajeweler. He’s passionate about working with the best ones from industry and to keep working with them again and again. Precisely, why he wants to work with Young thug, gunna, liluzivert and Nav over and over again.

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