Preventing a Domestic Violence Before It Occurs

Life is all about highs, lows, very highs, and very lows. So much so that sometimes you avoid talking to others. This infighting continues for one reason or another, and things can get more complicated before you realize it. The same may be the case when you are in a relationship where confusion and intolerance towards one another can take a different turn. By the time you realize the damage has been done, there is little one can do to restore it. For readers going through rough experiences of sorts, Jessica Sauls book “You Have to Feel to Deal” is a highly recommended read. As an experienced author who went through all kinds of difficulties, even during her school days due to Dyslexia, Jessica Sauls knew what her readers would love to read, and she came up with the right book.  

When a couple goes through a crisis, they are the only ones who can pull themselves out of it. Of course, little tricks reconnect you with your other partner when you think the situation is bleak. Going will help you overcome the problems and prevent them from occurring in the first place. 

Jessica Sauls book “You Have to Feel to Deal” gives the necessary strength to couples struggling in a relationship due to a natural occurrence. Find the tips and suggestions from Jessica.

Dare To Talk About Your Feelings

If a crisis has difficulty unblocking, the loved ones often keep emotions and feelings within them. We know it is not easy to reveal what we think, especially when experiencing bad times. They must be said even if they are harmful and may adversely affect your spouse. It is all about knowing how to express yourself correctly. Anyone needs to deliver what they think and feel to the person who shares their life. The goal is to get rid of everything you have accumulated for days, months, or even years but avoid unnecessarily hurting the other. The words must be said constructively because the couple’s interest always takes precedence.

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In a moment of confidence, where you finally dare to put things straight and where you address sensitive subjects that will undoubtedly offend your other half, do not hesitate to counterbalance with positive elements. You can start by saying, “Right now, I feel abandoned, like you do not want me anymore, you do not give me any more attention, yet that’s one of the things I love the most about you, your cuddly, attentive side. Your presence matters the most to me.”

We also think it is essential to be careful how you approach things. Know that it will always be more accessible for someone to hear a reproach from the point of view of your feelings than from a natural, moralizing point of view when you involve the emotional dimension; the person is open and tolerant. You can go by it smoothly, and it will help you keep your relationship on a smooth path. 

For some, it might be easier, and it is better if you follow the idea similarly. Jessica Sauls, You Have to Feel to Deal is a must-read for couples undergoing situational crises in a relationship. 

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