Pro-Gambling Initiatives Receive High Support; New York Likely to Legalize Online Poker in 2020

In a global survey, it is observed that pro-gambling legislation is now receiving intense support from lawmakers in order to legalize various casino gambling. And out of all the games, the demand for legalizing online poker is soaring like never before. Due to the high popularity of poker, a lot of voices are asking to legalize this game in the US.

And many state lawmakers have even started making efforts to do so on their own level. New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo has offered its support for an online gambling bill. The bill has been introduced by the senator in order to provide the benefits of online gambling to New Yorkers. And chances are high that we may see the legalization of online poker in the year 2020.

Legalization in the Other US States 

Many other US states have legalized online gambling operations and hence all the remaining states are now making efforts to do so as well. States namely, West Virginia and Michigan have unanimously passed the online gambling bills. And it is highly likely that we see it getting implemented in the New York state as well.

But the path of the passing of this bill will not be an easy one. It was earlier introduced in the year 2014 but it had faced opposition from many state governors. Now, Governor Cuomo has voiced against it by using his veto power, his stance may change in the future time.

High Demand from Public

People in the New York state have expressed their opinion regarding legalizing online casino gambling and sports betting. Now, they have expressed their anger for not having permission to play casino games in New York. And similar voices are coming from other US states and it is expected to amplify in the near future.

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Source of Tax Revenue

Another reason that is expected to contribute to the legalization of casino gambling is that it is a great source of revenue for states. Hence, state lawmakers are making efforts to legalize casino gambling with some restrictions. According to them, it will benefit customers, casino operators, and state authorities.

A check on the gambling addiction needs to be made and if implemented well, it will create a lot of job opportunities for people. Moreover, casino operators will get a huge revenue, and states will collect their share in the form of a huge tax collection.

Overcome Financial Downturn Due to COVID-19

According to experts, the pro-gambling initiatives will help to eliminate the financial downturn due to the COVID-19 phase. The US is the worst affected country due to the coronavirus pandemic and it has witnessed a huge loss in its economy. Sadly, this effect will remain for the long-term and hence strict measures need to be made to pass through this difficult phase.

During the coronavirus pandemic period, people have been spending their time playing online casino games and it has led to a ray of great hope for the online casino industry. Hence, the efforts to legalize the casino and sports betting options have intensified as compared to the past. And it is due to this effect that the legalization of casino games is expected in many states in the near future.

And New York lawmakers have already started introducing their casino bills to legalize other casino games. Especially, online poker may get legalized this year as many other states have already legalized various casino games.

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New Approach towards Legalizing Gambling

It is noted that the approach of people towards gambling activities has changed during the coronavirus pandemic and it is likely to get reflected in the coming future. Hence, a change in the states’ approach to understand this subject is expected. More states are expected to consider online gambling as a means to gain revenue and provide excellent entertainment for people.

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