RICHARD W BOHANNON – A Physical Therapy Researcher

Every individual born into this world leaves an impact on the lives of others. Many influence the people in their surroundings, while some others have the potential to do great things for the masses. Aristotle said that man is a social animal, which hints that human depend on each other’s influence in society. Every individual leaves an impact on different sectors. Some have great names in the entertainment industry, some bring great things into the business world, some embrace innovations in the educational field, some pursue careers in IT to advance this world through technology, and some dedicate their effort to improving healthcare by developing diagnostic and therapeutic products. With the advent of technology and advanced innovations, healthcare has evolved. Today, a wide range of biotech innovations have made health management easy, effective, and affordable for doctors, hospitals, and the entire healthcare field. The credit for all these inventions and modifications goes to those researchers and healthcare practitioners who have worked hard to leave a legacy for society’s betterment. One person for this example is Dr. Richard W Bohannon – an American physical therapy clinician, educator, and researcher. Bohannon’s contribution through research has improved physical therapy in several ways. He aims to serve humanity through his physical therapy research and practices.

Everyone in this world has some impact on the lives of others. Richard Bohannon entered the physical therapy profession to improve assessments and interventions, hoping to strongly impact individuals’ quality of life. Physical therapy is an important component in treating injuries, whether an individual goes through surgery or not. It modifies one’s faulty movement patterns. If a patient has an injury or chronic pain, physical therapy can help in treating issues related to pain. In contrast, Painkillers focus on relieving pain; their effects are temporary and can have unintended consequences. Plus, medications do not always treat the root cause

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Physical therapy has an educational element. People need to be aware that physical therapy is important to improve mobility, boost body function, and treat injuries. In order to spread awareness and improve the physical therapy field, Richard Bohannon has published in dozens of journals.

Born on December 29, 1953, Richard Bohannon is an American physical therapy clinician, educator, scholar, and researcher. Being a practitioner himself and a researcher, Richard has contributed much to bringing improvement in the physical therapy sector. Presently, he serves as  Principal of Physical Therapy Consultants in North Carolina. Richard’s specialization in working to improve muscle function has led him to serve as  Editor in Chief of the Journal of Human Muscle Performance, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, and the Journal of the Geriatric Physical Therapy.

Richard attended the University of North Carolina, where he completed his BS and MS in Physical Therapy. Then he went to North Carolina State University, where he earned an EdD in Adult Education, and Boston University, where he completed a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Currently, Richard is enrolled at the University of Portsmouth to pursue his Ph.D.

Richard Bohannon has served the profession through his many published articles. Bohannon’s studies have been cited more than 41000 times. According to Google Scholar, he has over 500 peer-viewed publications and an H-Index of 92.

Besides publishing research, Bohannon has also contributed to the academic sector. He has more than three decades of experience in teaching physical therapy to university students. He has served as a full-time professor of physical therapy at the University of Connecticut. During his tenure as a professor, Richard also served twice as an Acting Director of the Physical Therapy Program at the University of Connecticut in Storrs. He also worked in the Health Center of the University in Farmington. Moreover, Richard also served as a full-time professor at Campbell University in North Carolina.

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Richard W Bohannon has gained significant recognition in the field of physical therapy. He earned the Helen Hislop Award for his great contributions to professional literature in 1996. He also received the Marian Williams Award for his research contribution to physical therapy. In 2020, Bohannon’s name was ranked by Expertscape in the top 1% of scientists for several topics, including muscle strength.

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