Rising Star Leon Budrow Crafts a Beautiful Message to Rise Up to Today’s Challenges Posed by the Unforeseen COVID19 Pandemic

The world is currently under the wrath of the coronavirus.  It has taken a toll on several lives and businesses, including the entertainment industry.  With live shows cancelled and upcoming releases postponed, it has truly hampered the routines of several artists.

Despite the negative impact the coronavirus has had, emerging music icon Leon Budrow pushes forward with a strong message of positivity.

Leon Budrow was amidst an upcoming tour when the virus shook the world.  As a result, he had to postpone his scheduled performances to comply with the norms of social distancing and quarantine.  Redirecting his energy towards his businesses and his personal development, Budrow pushes himself to become a better person from this experience.

“I really want to come out of this quarantine stronger both mentally, and physically.”  Budrow states.  “I have been working hard on becoming physically fit, as well as mentally strong.”

Budrow has been fortunate to be able to direct his energy into his GNC stores, working for an essential business during this time.  While not at work, he has been developing new habits for a better world.

“I’ve been making it a goal to workout everyday and listen to audio books.  I’m lucky to have a home gym set up, which I’ve been working with every day.”

Working for GNC, Budrow uses a range of supplements to stay healthy, regularly incorporating Zinc, Vitamin C and a good Probiotic in his daily routine.  Budrow also believes that quality sleep, good hydration and sanitation practices have helped him remain healthy during this time.

With a fresh wave of energy, Budrow tackles his day with a solid morning routine, which includes a quick kettle bell workout to wake up his mind.  Budrow believes it is important to run your day, and not allow your day to run you, which is why his newly found morning routine has been so vital to his productivity.

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Budrow has also made it a daily habit to read more, and listen to self developmental audio books, stating that this has had a great positive effect on his overall development.

Other daily practices for Budrow include daily home workouts, nightly meditation, and maintaining a clean and clear workspace.  With much more free time due to the quarantine, he has been hard at work to become the best version of himself.

Though the rest of 2020 remains uncertain, Budrow is confident that he is ready for whatever is in store, proclaiming that the quarantine has refreshed his love for fitness and music.  With new music in the works, he remains excited for upcoming projects and looks forward to being on stage again in front of his fans.

With such stressful times upon us, Budrow wishes to share a vital message with his fans, asking that they use this time to create an environment conducive to personal growth and productivity, working on better fitness, new hobbies, and personal development.

Budrow wants to induce his mantra of staying positive to everyone who needs motivation now.  Kudos to a great attitude which positivley contributes to society.

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