Over time, Shutdown events have turned out to be the UK’s favourite U18 event. The brand has been largely accepted both at the local and international level because of the impact it has had on society. Shutdown events have grown nationwide and Chris Sarchet Bell is still putting plans in place for the brand to get bigger.

Since its inception in 2014, Shutdown events made a name for itself in Burnley, and it continues to attract lots of attention nationwide. At each passing event, people talked about how great the nightlife experience was, and this pushed Shutdown to branch into four other cities within just eight months of its establishment. Now, Chris Sarchet Bell can boast of organizing Shutdown events in over 10 cities, including international tours as high up as Scotland.

What new plans does Chris Sarchet Bell have for Shutdown Events?

As a creative entrepreneur, Chris Sarchet Bell is always working on new initiatives to make the latest Shutdown concert better than the last one. This is evident in his profile of collaborating with top music artists, stars from popular reality television shows and other highly respected industry personnel, to attend his concerts. 

“Shutdown events have included some of the biggest names in the music industry, some of the most popular faces in reality TV shows, paint & foam parties, Co2 & confetti parties, and a lot more, now it’s all about the experience and putting on a huge show that they can’t experience anywhere else in the country and combining that with mega production and acts” He said.

Chris is looking to build on these successes by hosting shows in more cities and going on more cross-country tours. 

He further added:

“I would like to think we will be touring across 15 cities nationwide. We will expand our reach and get to cities that our clients have always been requesting that we come to”

How does Chris Sarchet Bell look to handle the Covid-19 disruptions?

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Undoubtedly, the advent of the coronavirus pandemic has halted a lot of activities, especially events like this that require such a large gathering. Thankfully, the Covid restrictions and policies are being relaxed, so plans for resuming the events are in motion. Chris Sarchet Bell and his team always come up with ideas to scale through any hurdle thrown at the smooth operation of Shutdown Events. 

“My team always finds a solution to any issue, it is good that we don’t often see many. I pride myself on having my ear to the ground with all our reps and influencers. That is how we keep ahead of the trends and always stay five steps to allow a few mistakes along the way,” Chris Sarchet Bell says.

With Covid-19 disruptions that came along, Chris had the chance to settle and reflect on new ideas to push Shutdown forward. Although it was a struggle to scale through the tough times, he used the opportunity to sharpen his skills in brand marketing and designs. Tools that are essential to the promotion of Shutdown Events.

“We just want to get back to normality, recover the hype that we have lost and focus on getting tickets’ sale up the notch again. Once this phase passes, our plans are huge, we just need to know ourselves that it can happen before we announce them,” Chris says.

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