Soil Engineers are Depending on Soil Testing Results to Determine the Compatibility of Soil For Construction

Soil engineers are carrying out soil tests to determine the compatibility of a given location for constructing a building. They are taking the help of advanced soil testing techniques to yield valuable information while investigating any location. It is helping them to know in detail the compatibility of soil for carrying out any construction work.

Soil engineers collect the soil samples and send the obtained samples for testing to determine the suitability of the soil at a particular location. By carrying out the soil testing before construction, during construction, and after construction, they manage to meet the compatibility criteria for any construction work at a given site.

The sole motive of conducting soil tests is to help detect the foundation problems before any construction work. Soil engineers mainly use CBR testing and plate bearing testing methods to obtain the right information about the soil before building any house or carrying out any construction activity.

This helps them to offer suggestions to builders to deal with any construction issue. The use of a CBR test and a plate bear test is being made by soil engineers to study the physical and chemical composition of the soil. CBR and plate bearing testing are conducted while building roads, pavements, and airstrips.

CBR testing is used to determine how much load subbases and subgrades can bear. It gives an idea about the load a ground is capable of handling at a given time. Whereas, plate bearing testing helps to provide the information related to the safe loading capacity of a given site.

It comes in handy to develop the right design of any structure. With the use of these two tests, soil engineers help to test the soil for various factors such as strength, density, compaction, contamination, etc.

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