Taneytown’s medical cannabis growing facility is expanding production, jobs

When Grassroots Cannabis entered into growing cannabis for medicinal use, which was required in Taneytown, the business was unaware of the expansion of the market. Within two years, the market has surged and the rate of production and hiring has increased as well.

When the operation for the growing of cannabis began in 2017, the facility made use of 32,000 square feet of the area. But, now due to the altered scenario, the facility is planning to expand its business over 54,000 square feet of area.

Andy Cohen who is one of the partners at Grassroots Cannabis said that there are various parts of the facility involved in the growth of the product. The parts involve –rooms for drying and curing, testing, trimming, packaging, and much more. But, the facility is going to stick to the expansion of rooms to grow the marijuana flower.

Cohen from Reisterstown said that they are unable to meet the demands of their clients currently, which is the reason Grassroots Cannabis is thinking for an expansion. They want to satisfy the patient base in the state, which is in need of the medicine product that they are manufacturing, and; therefore, they want to increase their production rate.

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