The best way to consume news is to not watch but, learn from it

We all have been there- googling a word or the entire article after just watching the news. But doesn’t that baffle you? Mere news should be enough but it isn’t.

Well, we come bearing good news for you all. @Newsopreneur is a news page on Instagram, started by Harsh Vardhan Sharma (@the.real.harsh).

This page provides news summary in form of info graphics. In the captions of each post, you get a 100-200 word article explaining “the lessons to be learned” from that news.

In a normal world, this concept comes off as raher weird than unique but if you thik about it, we all are consumers- be it anything. The consumers ofnews, products, of books. But how many times do you get lessons attached with a news article? Almost zero.

With newsopreneur, you het the news in the info raphic itseld and the long caption goes on to explain the caption and gives you a lesoon ypoi can leasrn at the end of the post.

According to the founder, Harsh Vardhan Shama, “ why should one just be a consumer of the news when they cannot apply it in real life? I have seen a lot of people asking around the simplest things. And its not their fault. The news industry is a quick industry where you just have to give one news after the other, and because of this many times we don’t understand what they try to tell us”

“we become the mere consumers without understandinf what to “take away” from it. And oftentimes we end up confused” he added

“The  aim of newsopreneur is to wake people up. There are a lot of good and basd rhings happening around in the worls but the people don’t understand if they are not given an explanation. With newsoprenuer we help bridge this gap of knowledge and news”

Newesoprener works on the concept of turning “knowleg=dge into news”. The captions help one broden one’s understanding of the world and provides them with the knowledge that news media fail to provide.

This 17 year old might become the next big thing in the news industry. With the newsopreneur app soon to be launched, harsh is targeting to get 1 million App downloads by the end of 2021.

He further claims that by the end of 2021 @newsopreneur will have more than 2 million followers. Newsopreneur will be also start Global targeting in the USA to change the way world consumes News

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