The Eshed Brothers of Gemerald LTD on Making Yourself Stand Out in Your Industry

Launching a successful business is one thing; scaling that venture and staying afloat in a sea of competitors in today’s highly saturated commercial space is a whole another story. But Gemerald LTD managed to stand out, remaining a powerhouse forty years after its establishment. Today, as it continues to serve as a go-to cutter and exporter of emeralds, this industry authority proves the power of passion, purpose, and a craft honed to perfection.

Founded in 1991 by two Israeli brothers, Gemerald stems from the dream to purchase the finest rough in the world and cut it to perfection in order to achieve a result no less than flawless. Ofer and Shlomo Eshed succeeded in translating that vision into reality by recruiting experts and developing the most advanced cutting machines. At the heart of this acclaimed venture rests not only a shared passion for precious stones, especially emeralds, but also the goal of delivering gems in shapes and sizes to dealers and private clients on the lookout for the best in the market.

The heavy premium Gemerald has placed on ensuring quality and its subsequent dedication to providing top-notch offerings is in response to the gaps in the industry decades ago. “In the past, precious stones were associated with royalties,” shared Shlomo Eshed, the company co-owner and the 20-year president of the Precious Stones and Diamonds Exchange, expounding on the value that has always been attached to gems since time immemorial. “But due to the lack of technology and knowledge of the cutting and polishing process, many of the companies by then were not able to offer products up to standards. That’s why we decided to start Gemerald.”

Through the years, the go-getters running this power player dealt with all kinds of precious stones, but eventually, they came to the conclusion that emeralds hold a certain unmatched appeal. Considered as one of the four recognized precious gemstones, this particular type of Beryl poses a colossal challenge when cut, making it all the more satisfying and fulfilling once designed to perfection.

Currently, Gemerald takes pride in the extent to which it has distinguished itself from the rest of its peers in the industry. The heights that the Israel-based enterprise has reached can be credited to a number of reasons, including the fact that it goes the extra mile in meeting the unique needs of every client. Additionally, its competence as firsthand cutters propelled this brainchild of Shlomo and Ofer toward the limelight.

“We purchase the rough directly from the mine, which means that we are 100% in control of the whole cutting process, from the beginning to the end, and can guarantee not only quality and affordability but also ethicality,” added the strategic minds behind the widely-acknowledged business.

Aside from being the owner, Shlomo Eshed has sat as the president of the Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange In Israel for the past 20 years, which is a big advantage and a reputation bonus to the company.

Ofer’s son, Idan Eshed, and Shlomo’s son, Tamir Eshed represent the next generation of the company. Idan is the manager of the manufacturing and cutting process while Tamir is the marketing executive.

Gemerald, which boasts a special form of cutting based on innovative techniques and relies on some of the most advanced machinery in the world, has created a legacy in the time since it first dipped its toes in the field. A massive force in the United States, Europe, and the East, it remains one of the most trusted names supplying fine emeralds to the most prominent jewelry brands across the globe.

Learn more about Gemerald by visiting its website.

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