The Michigan Legislature is Very Close to Legalizing Sports Betting and Online Gambling in the State

The final votes to legalize sports betting and online gambling are set to cast in the Michigan Legislature. Grethen Whitmer’s government and Michigan lawmakers are very close to legalizing sports betting and online gambling in the state. It does not mean that sports betting and casinos are not allowed in the state. There are three commercial casinos in Detroit and 24 tribal casinos across the state.

The lottery games as well as powerball (파워볼) games are also available in the state. The new bills that are about to be implemented as law will add betting on sports and online gambling in the state.

Whitmer’s government has some concerns related to tax after the addition of new options in casino gambling. People in large numbers are playing the online lottery games in the state. These people further can opt for poker and other games after legalizing of online gambling.

The government earns a lot from online lottery after levying taxes on it and the new gambling options can reduce the government earning from the lottery games.

If a person wins a $1000 lottery from online lottery game in the state, then the Michigan government takes $700 back to support schools in the state. After completely legalizing of online gambling, the government could only put a 19% tax on online casinos, lottery and poker products.

For every $1,000 win, the government could only charge $81 as tax.  To search for an alternative for this problem, the Republican legislature and Democratic Governor have been searching for a way that could maintain the revenue generated through online lottery games after the implementation of new gambling products in the state.

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