The Moscatels Landed In Punta De Mita For Cole’s Upcoming Birthday Celebrations

The news is out! Cole Moscatels birthday destination has officially been released and its a good one ––– Punta De Mita, Mexico! With limited out of the country travel destination options, Punta De Mita is without a doubt a great choice. The family is no stranger to that part of Mexico, as they have been on many out of this world vacations there. To make it even better, the Moscatels are staying at one of the nicest resorts on the island, the W Hotel!

They were last seen departing PVR airport en route to the W Hotel with a personal chauffeur and part of their camera crew. If theres one thing we know for sure, the upcoming episodes of The Moscatels are about to be epic. Rumor has it that Cole and Kelsea have a ton of upcoming magazine covers so one can only guess that some stunning Mexico beach photoshoots are going to be taking place.

With a birthday celebration, reality show production team, and upcoming photoshoots, this trip is bound to be one thats filled with exciting content and adventures. We cannot wait to see what these next few days entail for the Moscatels in Punta de Mita! For now, let the countdown to Coles birthday begin, just three days away!

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