The Proper Look For the Modern Gentleman

Have you ever wondered what the “proper” look for the modern gentleman should be? Should it be cool, classy suits or something more casual like jeans or T-shirts? Or better yet, why not pair shorts with oversized hoodies and trainers?

Style, as you say, is subjective. It will always differ from one person to another. You can never have a specific uniform or dress code and expect gentlemen across the globe to strictly adhere to it. Style is a way of expressing oneself. So, why not change the description of “modern” instead and make it more inclusive?

However, there are still certain rules that are globally accepted and can ensure you don’t find yourself in an awkward position.

Read on with the list below of some carefully curated tips that could help you nail the style etiquette for the modern gentleman.

Choose simple and sophisticated over loud and over the top choices

A gentleman should always stay classy. This means sticking to safe colors such as black, solid earth tones, beiges, and whites. But there is nothing wrong with adding a bit of pop to your wardrobe as well!

Bright colors like red, blue, and purples work just as well. You only have to figure out the right balance to make sure your end look looks chic and not trashy.

When in doubt, turn to classics

If you have a black-tie event or maybe a date night in front of you, you should simply stick to classic styles that have been followed throughout the years. It doesn’t make any sense to end up wearing questionable or bizarre clothing just because you were confused. 

Even when you are sticking to classics, you need to take into account the occasion and location. For example, if your date night is going to the movies, stick to wearing jeans with a well-ironed T-shirt or shirt. However, if you are taking your date to a posh restaurant, you can team the T-shirt with a blazer and wear your best pair of men’s dress shoes. This will instantly lend a formal touch to your look without looking like you tried too hard.

Take time to do your hair

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There are two kinds of men in the world – one who gives their hair importance and the other who absolutely don’t. However, as a gentleman, your hair should be your everything.

Always shampoo and condition your hair to remove any grease and grime. This will automatically give it a nice texture and will smell great. If you have long hair and time on your hands, you can use some hair styling products to give it a neat finish. Otherwise, always keep your barber on standby to get a clean card whenever needed. Fashion emergencies need to be accounted for too!

Make your tailor your best friend

Whether your style is more formal or casual, the fitting is extremely important to help you look smart. We would also advise you to stick to well-fitted apparel pieces over baggy clothing.

When you wear a well-tailored suit, jeans, blazer, or shirt, you automatically look more presentable and crisp. First impressions are always done well with well-fitted clothing. 

Ask your dealer to take your body measurements in a way that you look sleek but don’t feel uncomfortable. Remember, style should never be at the cost of comfort – it will show!

Be okay with splurging if it means you get quality goods

While all of us love a good deal, your main aim should always be to buy quality clothing. It’s mostly a given that this will come with a higher price tag, but trust us, you will be thankful for your decision. 

Even if you are buying jeans or casual shoes for men, make sure that it looks new, stylish, and is durable. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste all your money for nothing!

Keep your hands off from logos

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Gentlemen should always steer away from clothing that features prominent brand logos. The idea is to look exquisite without shouting the same. Also, expensive clothing just looks expensive – you really do not need to try too hard. 

Even if you are brand-conscious, you can stick to subtle and understated logos. But, anything that’s too loud or flashy is a strict no-no. If there’s anything that’s worse than giant logos, it’s pairing more than one flashy logo-rendered clothing together. Try to avoid this fashion faux pas as much as you can!

Understand the nuances related to accessorizing correctly

Again, a rather neglected area of men’s fashion, men often tend to skip buying accessories. And yes, accessories have a much broader scope than just your traditional watch.

You can experiment with scarves, cufflinks, pocket squares, and even caps to make a stylish statement. A recent trend is wearing colorful patterned socks – all goes well if you have the confidence to carry it off. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Still, you should always remember to not go overboard with your accessories. Just as is the case of your clothing, less is more even in this field. 

Don’t forget your wallet 

Gentleman etiquette dictates that you should always offer to pay the bill first. This also implies that you will have to take out your wallet in front of everyone. Hence, you need to make sure that your wallet looks new. It should definitely not be in tatters.

In fact, if you feel that you have a safer sense of style, you can always experiment with your wallet to show your bold side. 

Takeaway thoughts

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These are our top style tips for the perfect gentleman. As you may have realized that it is mostly simple and classy clothing that you should opt for that is well-tailored and well accessorized. 

Lastly, don’t forget that, while proper clothing is important, so is your personal hygiene. So, don’t forget to take a shower and spritz on some cologne. 

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