The United States’ L1 Visa is Allowing Overseas Companies to Transfer their Employees to the Country

The United States is allowing overseas companies to work in the country through an L1 visa. This visa type is also famous as a non-immigrant visa that is allowing several companies to transfer their employees to the US for business purposes.

The companies in large numbers are sending their employees and managers to the US through L1 visa for up to seven years or five years. US has many affiliates and subsidiary companies across the world. These companies are being run and managed by the employees of other countries.

The companies in large numbers are using the L1 visa category and issuing an unlimited number of visas to their employees. Indian and Chinese are benefiting in a large number from this visa category while others are enjoying E2 and E1 visas to work in the US. Apart from big businesses, small businesses are also expanding their branches in the US through the L1 business plan. Business owners who have worked for one year outside the US in the last three years are applying for an LI visa. This visa is not pressurizing the business owners to make a large investment to expand their branches in the US. There are many businesses that have invested half-million-dollar only to set their business through LI visa.

US is also allowing the LI visa holder companies to apply for EB1C immigrant visa. This type of visa is being issued within two years of entry in the country with an LI visa. It is a green card scheme from the US which can be obtained after showing proof of the business development in the country for at least one year.

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