Token Marshall Inu Has Achieved The Unachievable With Revolutionized MMA Partnerships

Marshall Inu has supported and sponsored more than 250 fighters in the first 4 weeks of inception. They are being recognised all over the MMA community as a big support system. They are catching a lot of praise from various champions and the fighters who have been extremely appreciative of the support they are providing.

They have Karamu Usman as their – official ambassador, while Ian Heinisch (UFC Middleweight) is on board as an advisor and several other fighters are admins & helpers.

The community is so passionate that they have mentioned #1 token on Twitter for 2 weeks running even when they have only 5000 holders currently. They are insanely growing each passing day. The team is complete with all dedicated hardcore fight fans working together to get the entire fighting community together so that they can build an ecosystem where their community and financial support for the MMA players.

The MMA fighters can reach their full fight potential as they have to only concentrate on the game and not their finances. In 4 weeks of their inception Marshal Inu has already donated over $1,200,000 USD to the players. They got an expensive $30,000 stem cell surgery done on Fighter Ian Heinisch.

They have helped fighters get the basics to the most expensive financial difficulty sorted. They have donated sums of $5-20,000 to many fighters who reached out to them. Marshall Inu aims to support the fighters in any way they can.

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