Voctave’s Musical Work, “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2” is a Jaw-Dropping Treat for the Ears

Voctave, an 11-member musical group, has released a new album titled, “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2”. It is a long album comprising of 16 tracks and it is a sequel to a hit album released in 2017. Voctave contains many artists from different musical backgrounds and they have presented a masterpiece in the form of “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2”.

The group has included diverse music elements in its new album that makes it a jaw-dropping treat for the ears. It has got mesmerizing vocals, deep lyrics, and creative music styles. “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street Vol. 2” is a combination of many favorites from Broadway musicals and Disney movies, which makes it an important musical project.

Voctave musical group enjoys the right synchronization between its different members. It has utilized the power of a cappella music in its new album in an excellent fashion. The 11-member professional a cappella group is based out of Central Florida area.

The musical group consists of members namely Kate Lott, Tiffany Coburn, Ashley Espinoza, Sarah Whittemore, Chrystal Johnson, EJ Cardona, Drew Ochoa, Jamey Ray, Kurt von Schmittou, Aaron Stratton, and Karl Hudson. Voctave was formed in 2015 by producer and arranger, James Ray.

It has got members who use their artistic ability to give musical experiences from diverse backgrounds. The group members have a deep understanding of musical theater, contemporary Christian music, barbershop, pop, and choral music.

This a cappella musical group has traveled around the world for giving live performances and it has signed with Opus 3 artists in New York City. Voctave has performed with Grammy, Dove, and American Music Award winners as well.

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The popularity of Voctave can be judged from the fact that it has got multiple top songs and albums available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. It is also ranked in the top 25 on Billboard Magazine’s charts and it has got over 150 million views on its videos.

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