WADA bans Russia from all Global Sports Event for Four Years

Russia has been banished by the World Anti Doping Authority (WADA) for all global sports events. Russian players will not be able to take part in the global sports event for four years, including the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

This ban on Russia is a punishment that is connected with the 2014 cheating scheme. WADA has also debarred Russia’s flag, name and national anthem from the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games and Beijing Winter Olympics. 

The ban announcement came after a decision taken by WADA on Russian players who were involved in doping. Some of the Russian players who were not involved in doping are expected to take part in the Olympics and other global sports events. But they could not represent their country and would play the games under a neutral flag.

WADA’s ban is not only on Russian players but also on Russian sports and government officials. It has banished them from entering into the global sports events. 

Russia has 21 days to make an appeal against the decision taken by WADA. It is expected to conduct meetings to make the entry of its players possible in the global sports events. In the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the Russian players were charged with replacing the Doping test results. And now after the first detail of the conspiracy, WADA has announced to debar Russian players from all the international sports events for four years. 

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