WeTrade Group Inc. Dismisses Claims Against Mr. Zheng Dai and Ms. Lina Jiang

On March 5th, WeTrade Group, Inc., a Wyoming Corporation currently engaged in litigation with plaintiff shareholders involving accusations of fraud and misuse of corporate funds, unilaterally dismissed its claims against Mr. Zheng Dai and Ms. Lina Jiang.  WeTrade Group, Inc. had accused Mr. Dai and Ms. Jiang of falsely holding themselves out as WeTrade Group, Inc. company directors and executives, but after Mr. Dai and Ms. Jiang moved the Wyoming Court to dismiss those claims, WeTrade Group, Inc. did not wait for the Court’s ruling and dismissed the claims itself.  

WeTrade Group, Inc.’s decision to drop its claims against Mr. Dai and Ms. Jiang will allow plaintiff shareholders to continue to pursue their claims against WeTrade Group, Inc. without the distraction of WeTrade Group, Inc.’s deficient claims against Mr. Dai and Ms. Jiang.  The plaintiff shareholders are seeking to hold WeTrade Group, Inc. accountable for its misdeeds in Wyoming state court. 

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