Who is Lieutenant Colonel Dan “Noonan” Rooney, and What Does His Work Revolve Around?

Lieutenant Colonel Dan “Noonan” Rooney is not your typical fighter pilot. He is also a PGA golf professional, philanthropist, and author. His work involves serving his country, community, and fellow human beings. Rooney is a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference in the world, and his story is both inspiring and uplifting.

Rooney was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and his love for golf started early. He played golf at Kansas State University and joined the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. After graduation, he served as an F-16 fighter pilot in the United States Air Force, completing three tours of duty in Iraq. During his time in Iraq, Rooney’s life took a profound turn.

While on a flight to the United States, Rooney witnessed the return of a fallen soldier’s body and his family’s grief. This experience inspired Rooney to create the Folds of Honor Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides educational scholarships to spouses and children of fallen and disabled service members. Since its inception in 2007, Folds of Honor has awarded over 44,000 scholarships and raised over $200 million.

Rooney’s work with Folds of Honor has earned him numerous accolades, including the White House’s Presidential Volunteer Service Award, the Air National Guard’s Distinguished Service Medal, and the PGA of America’s Patriot Award. He has also authored several books, including “A Patriot’s Calling: Living Life Between Fear and Faith” and “Fly Into the Wind: How to Harness Faith and Fearlessness On Your Ascent to Greatness.”

Rooney’s passion for service extends beyond Folds of Honor. He also founded the Patriot Golf Day, an annual fundraising event held over Labor Day weekend that benefits Folds of Honor. In addition, he is the founder of the American Fallen Soldiers Project. This nonprofit organization provides portraits to the families of military personnel who have died in service to their country.

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Rooney’s professional career as a PGA golf professional is also impressive. He has played in several PGA Tour events, including the 2006 Buick Open and the 2015 PGA Championship. He founded the Grand Lake Fire charity golf tournament and was the designer of the Patriot Golf Course at The Club at Indian Springs in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Rooney’s work is a testament to the power of service and one person’s impact on the world. His dedication to his country, his community, and his fellow human beings serves as an inspiration to all who know him. He is a true American hero, and his legacy will continue to make a difference for future generations.

To wrap the article up, Lieutenant Colonel Dan “Noonan” Rooney is a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference in the world. His work with the Folds of Honor Foundation, Patriot Golf Day, and the American Fallen Soldiers Project has impacted countless lives and earned him numerous accolades. Rooney’s passion for service inspires all who know him, and his story reminds us that we all have the power to make a difference. So, the question remains, what can we do to make a difference in the world?

Motivation is a crucial aspect of any successful individual or organization. Lieutenant Colonel Dan “Noonan” Rooney is a shining example of someone who has used his passion and skills to impact the world positively. His dedication and service to his country and fellow human beings inspire us all. As we strive towards our goals and dreams, we can take inspiration from his story and continue to work towards making a difference in our communities and beyond. 

Whether volunteering, donating to a charity, or simply spreading positivity and kindness in our daily lives, we can all make a difference. So let us take this opportunity to honor and learn from the incredible work of Lieutenant Colonel Dan “Noonan” Rooney and strive towards making the world a better place for all.

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