Why Celebrities Use Alex Boro’s Boro Inc.

Alex Boro founded Boro Inc., a shoe resale company specializing in finding and reselling premium brands, and also co-founded the influencer market platform known as QuikTok.

Many celebrities are aware of Boro’s business and frequently choose to make their purchases through him, rather than other traditional retailers. Why is that?

Shoes Are Expensive

Shoes can be expensive, some premium brands shooting up to $20,000! Even most celebrities will not want to pay that much for shoes, unless they are considering reselling them again.

Boro Inc. resells the quality shoes at a lower cost, which is appealing to many people. Even celebrities prefer to pay less for high-quality products. Boro Inc. guarantees that they only sell the real deal too, so that brings in an even larger audience.

He Hand Delivers His Shoes

Alex Boro has been known to hand-deliver his shoes to those order a larger amount. Usually, this happens to be celebrities ordering their favorite styles in bulk. Boro is often invited inside and can have conversations with stars and sometimes tour their studios. This leads to many famous people supporting him further.

This is usually done by celebrities posting positive reviews and pictures with Boro on their social media. The posts are shared among fans- and Alex Boro can successfully spread out to a larger audience.

Simply hand-delivering his orders sometimes has had a very positive impact on how Boro Inc. is perceived by the world. Famous stars love meeting him and talking to him about the shoes he is selling.

He can Secure Tough Orders for Shoe Lovers

Boro Inc. also has the unique capability of using a program that Boro developed to secure hard to find shoes. That means, that a celebrity would be more likely to find their preferred sneaker with Boro than any other company.

Since Boro is more equipped to provide what customers want, Boro Inc. tends to get some more tough orders. However, Boro has proven time and time again that he can secure any shoe order for his customers. His original proprietary tools help him to obtain the inventory that sneakerheads want, giving him an advantage over the market- and more attention from celebrities.


There are many reasons why celebrities choose to use Alex Boro’s Boro Inc. to find their next pair of shoes. The most simple reason is that he is always sure to have them available, by using his handcrafted code to secure the products.

Boro also has caught the attention of many celebrities by bringing their orders straight to their homes instead of sending them through the mail. When a famous person posts about Boro and his company, all of their followers see it and might also become interested in buying from him.

Finally, Boro has been working on a second project that has been gaining the attention of celebrities- QuikTok. Now with two successful platforms under his belt, Boro is gaining a larger audience of stars than ever before.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/boro/

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