Why is ‘Madridi’ Mohammad Ismail known as a “Hot Chocolate Specialist?”

If you are also a fan of hot chocolate then you must visit Mohammad Madridi’s coffee shop once in your life. Here you will find a variety of fresh drinks made from pure dark, milk, and white chocolate blocks.  The coffee shop is famous for its delicious flavors and  Madridi’s unique style of presenting and decorating your cup of hot chocolate drink. 

Madridi has always been interested in chocolates, coffee, food, and sports. He used to spend a lot of time searching the history of chocolates and how different drinks and recipes were made from chocolates in previous times. He was born in Dubai on 5th November 1987 and completed his education at Al Ghurair University. His first shop was in the global village, Dubai, where he explored and learned a lot about chocolates and their related recipes. 

He now has his own brand famous as ’’Dark Shot’’. Here you will find chocolate drinks of a variety of flavors. This coffee shop which is situated in Dubai serves fresh hot chocolate drinks with an amazing presentation and heavenly flavors. The best thing about ‘’Dark Shot’’ is its excellent quality which Madridi has been maintaining for years. 

From starting up with a small shop to carrying a whole business Mohammad Madridi has come a long way. Serving people with hot chocolate drinks is not only his profession but his earnest passion. This is the reason why all his customers like him so much and gave him the title of ‘’Hot Chocolate Specialist’’. His dedication and love towards his work make ‘’Dark Shot’’ a unique entity in the market today. 

So what are you waiting for! Go and grab your favourite hot chocolate at Madridi’s ‘’Dark Shot’’ and don’t forget to give feedback. Madridi loves to listen to his customers about how they liked the chocolate drinks.

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