Wife of 50 Cent, Mrs. 50 Cent aka Kimberly Ms. MTV talks Tantric Romance, Telosa Utopia, Illuminati, The New World Order, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the New Silicon Valley

Mrs. 50 Cent who spiritually married 50 Cent on April 23, 2020, is set to release her first six-chapter novel entitled Utopia vs Dystopia: The Fight of Good Against Evil Part 1, showcasing a world of music entertainment and travels through the Himalayas. The novel has everything that makes for a New York Times Best Seller including tantric romance, violence, suspense, supernatural forces, and science fiction.  After reading the novel, many will long for the sequel.  While interviewing Mrs. 50 Cent about additional books after a cliff-hanging ending, she stated, “The plan is to release at least 3 books with six chapters in each novel.  It is an ongoing series that will include new characters and real-life events.”  

The front cover includes a picture of the Utopian City Telosa, set in central Texas.  Many companies from Silicon Valley, California have relocated to the region with a multimillion-dollar toll road along acres of undeveloped land leading up to Austin, TX.  Mrs. 50 Cent stated, “I chose the location to be Central Texas because Tesla is in the region and there is a big migration. Texas is perfect for vegetation and has plenty of space and resources to support a Utopian society.  Using Silicon Valley as a prototype has worked in the past and is the most logical and economical way to create Telosa, TX. The largest struggle will be keeping it away from becoming a Dystopian society while transitioning to an autocracy with artificial intelligence being more valuable than gold.”

In 2011, Discover Magazine’s new stories broke about the United States Government funding a multimillion-dollar scientific research project to turn US soldiers into telepaths.  The research was allegedly conducted by New York State Department of Health’s Wadsworth Center in Albany Medical College with a team led by Albany Paranormal Research Society.  Since then, we have seen countless disasters- natural weather catastrophes, swarms of locusts, COVID-19, rivers turning to what looks like blood, a flock of birds falling from the sky (killing hundreds for no apparent reason) … It has made millions believe biblical prophecies. Many now believe the world as we knew it has ended and the New World Order has risen.

In 2021, news broke about a new city of utopia called Telosa.  That same year, Tesla, Oracle, Meta (which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn), TikTok, and other Silicon Valley corporations relocated to Texas along a tollway that stretched for miles and had acres of clear land large enough to accommodate an entire city. These stories provide clues for the reader to decide what is fact or fiction. 

This is a real life expedition interwoven in a story about a superstar rapper, who happens to also be an undercover federal agent, meeting his soulmate and transitioning into a sovereign New World Order.  The reader must search for evidence or lack of evidence to decipher facts from fiction, disproving whether we have entered or are entering The New World Order.  

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