Discover How Adam Jablin Became A Superman Who SAVES LIVES

At thirty years old, Adam Jablin seemed like he had a perfect life: a beautiful wife, a newborn baby, a gorgeous home, a sculpted body, and a steady career. However, what people couldn’t see was how unhappy he really was, as addiction and alcoholism ruled his life. After his family intervened and Adam went to rehab, his whole life changed. 

“My journey led me to face not just alcohol and drugs, but all of my addictions and dependencies. My classic tale of descent and redemption can unleash the Superman hidden in each of us. A Superman who SAVES LIVES!”

Without the constant pressure that was pushing him to drink and engage in drug use, Adam turned his life around and was able to feel like himself again. He had big shoes to fill running his family business, the #1 lace manufacturers in the world. Now, he has sold the family business and has started his own coaching business called The Hero Project. In this program, Adam transforms his clients in 90 days and takes them from zero to hero, transforming pain into power. 

“Getting sober woke up gifts in me that I never knew I had. But, at the same time, I was always wired for it.”

Having always been the kind of person to help and want the best for others, Adam is extremely passionate about what he does. This is evident in his work, including his #1 best selling book, “Lotsaholic: From a Sick to Sober Superman.” For Adam, coaching was a calling, and despite any fears of failure, he stuck to it. Now he has become a leader in the coaching industry.

“You need to believe in it when others don’t. You need to say a prayer and take a leap of faith!”

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Now, Adam plans to continue to grow The Hero Project, as well reach more people with his message through speaking engagements and a book tour. Despite any competition in the coaching industry, Adam’s heart is in the right place and through his authenticity, Adam continues to succeed and help others become their own heroes. 

“I’ll take your hand and show you what’s behind the veil. Just reach out and take my hand.”

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