Gaston Rossato, Founder Of The Barn Miami, Has Been Hustling Since He Was 9 Years Old

Gaston Rossato is the owner of The Barn Miami, a showroom specializing in antique and specialty cars. They buy and sell vintage, exotic cars online, across the country and around the world. An advocate of car culture, Gaston started this business when he was fresh out of college and worked on it as a side hustle before incorporating it and working on it full time. During his early years, his father also had a car dealership, which Gaston helped throughout his life. It was evident that Gaston had a knack for selling cars when he carried out his first deal when he was just nine.

A nine-year-old who can sell a hundred dollar car for two hundred and fifty dollars is bound to be a success in this industry. Gaston is proof – his achievements in the automotive sector showcase his innovative skills and his constant struggle to keep his business fresh and modern. Gaston is a councrs judge specializing in Ferrari. He is the founder of the Unofficial Cars and Coffee, and the co-founder of AutoKultur 305 (a discussion series) and has a successful youtube channel. 

However, multiple channels of success were not just handed to Gaston on a platter, despite his skills. The Barn Miami started as a part-time, just-for-fun thing for Gaston after he graduated from college and worked a full-time corporate job, after four years of expanding from his one-car garage to his friends and family’s backyards, Gaston finally secured a warehouse and started working on The Barn Miami full time. Gaston attributes countless hours of hard work to this success and claims that even though it comes easy when you do something you love, hard work will always be a constant. 

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