Hetvi Karia: Illuminating On Proper Digital Marketing Strategies

There used to be a time when developing and implementing marketing campaigns meant running ads on television and radio, and placing print ads in newspapers and magazines. However, as the world of commerce moves more towards a digital marketplace, businesses now have the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with their target market through digital marketing tactics.

Hetvi Karia, the 20-year old digital marketing consultant hailing from the city of Mumbai, had taken to digital marketing as she recognised the possibilities that it held out, at a very young age of 16. She is the co-founder of the digital marketing company, team wizard media and also owns the online news website, www.dailyquicknews.com. Apart from her professional career, she is also the woman president of IHRC South Mumbai.

Hetvi has been quite successful in her career as a digital marketing consultant, as it has gained popularity among the millennials and business aspirants ranging from small to large scale in quite a short period of time. She has been very careful in setting up innovative business strategies for people to expand their businesses in cheaper and less time consuming ways. She has been focusing mostly on effectively using social media, as a marketing strategy. She has been using Instagram and facebook as a way to increase leads and sales, therefore increasing the engagement with clients for various businesses as a part of her marketing strategies.

Hetvi believes that the major part of her career had taken an elevation, mainly because she focused more on customer satisfaction. She says, “I have been quite stringent about getting every client’s work done in the perfect time, without letting them wait. Due to which, I gained their confidence in me and our company which led to more profitable engagements with larger companies. I try to do the same while managing the marketing strategies of various companies. I try to help them build a better relationship among their customers and the firm through various methods.”

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According to Hetvi, letting the audience and customers have their feedback on businesses have made a lasting impact, while she worked for marketing and promotion for many. She was careful that she highlighted the positive reviews and also let the customers point out any shortcomings to their work, so that they could rectify it the next time. This is one another tip from Hetvi to a better marketing strategy in the digital world.

By creating better platforms for clients to interact and grab their attention using colourful and innovative marketing tactics, Hetvi intends to raise the bar for the current digital marketing norms and take it to a higher level of quality and efficiency.

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