How Alec Kesheshian’s Pop Up Shop Sold Out in 60 Days

Alec Kesheshian has been working on developing his brand, God’s Dream, since the age of 16 when he started making sample hoodies for his friends. Soon, he realized he wanted to make this into more than just a hobby and started pursuing it as a business venture.

When Kesheshian opened his pop up shop in the Summer of 2019, his entire stock was sold within just 2 months! How did he pull that off?

A Leader in the Clothing Industry

Alec Kesheshian is always trying to change up the clothing industry and his ideas in doing so have made his brand recognizable. Before opening the pop up store, Kesheshian was already selling out of his products on the God’s Dream website. This was a sign to him to take his brand further.

He opened the physical store in response to those who may have thought that his clothing line was just thrown together for a website store. The result was a very successful business located on Melrose.

The Internet was a Huge Help

Kesheshian has stated that influencer marketing has been a major part of his success. Without social media to help guide people to his brand, the pop up shop may not have done as well.

Kesheshian was able to show his following through the internet what his clothing line looked- and the level of quality you could expect from his creations. When he opened the store, all of his followers were aware of it and might soon find themselves purchasing some of his lifestyle clothing in person.

Kesheshian has said that he does not think he would have sold his first season of stock in the first 60 days if the influencers promoting his brand were not there. He believes that they have helped him reach a much larger audience and spread his clothing line across social media.

His Friends Helped Too

Kesheshian’s friends also played their part in helping his pop up shop become successful. He said that many of his friends would take pictures in his clothing, then tag his pages in their posts. This further helped to spread awareness of the brand and brought new audience members in.

By the time Kesheshian got to the point where he decided to open the pop up shop, he had amassed a huge following of people interested in his clothing.


Alec Kesheshian was able to sell out of his stock for his pop up store within 60 days- that is pretty impressive! Through hard work and promoting his brand on the internet, Kesheshian’s God’s Dream line became a major success.

Social media played a large role in delivering this success. Fans, friends, and influencers were able to tag themselves wearing Kesheshian’s clothing, further spreading awareness of the brand to other audiences.

Something like this would be a lot harder to happen at an earlier time. We can learn to use the internet to our benefit and to promote products that mean something to us.

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