Keith Gray’s Love for Vintage Pieces Made him Start his Company, Gray and Sons

Gray and Sons, a company selling pre-owned luxury watches & jewelry items, has successfully completed 40 years in the business world. The credit for this long & successful journey of Gray and Sons goes to Keith Gray’s hard work.

It is his love for vintage pieces that made Keith Gray start his company, Gray and Sons. When Keith was 11 years old, he found a vintage watch on the sidewalk. On returning to his home, he opened it using a kitchen knife, hundreds of components in it simply fascinated him completely.

Keith Gray believes that he had inherited his love for vintage items from his Grandfather who also loved to collect vintage pieces of watches. He completed his education from different places and he took a break from his studies after completing his degree in Zoology from the University of Florida.

During this time, Keith Gray opened a little store on Lincoln road and he started buying vintage items (old luxury watches & jewelry) from people. He would sell it to a refinery for the price of a precious metal. One month later, he opened up an antique shell, then his jewelry shell, and then a play market.

Later, after 6 months he realized that he was buying vintage items that worth more than their precious metal value. Slowly the time changed and the prices of Gold, as well as Silver, spiked a lot. In 1975, Gold was priced at 35$ per ounce and it was raised to $800 in 1980.

Suddenly, the demand for vintage pieces (old luxury watches, jewelry, heirlooms) started to boom. People began to buy such items as fashion accessories. It made Keith Gray start his business company, Gray and Sons, at 23. Now, he is running it successfully with excellent customer service.

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Gray and Sons have always covered global destinations and the internet revolution has expanded it to new domains in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, California, Las Vegas, Pennysylvania, etc. Keith Gray also takes part in charity and he donates money to local & international societies working for the welfare of animals & needy people.

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