Things That You Should Know About Shotgun Microphones

A Shotgun microphone is a directional microphone.  It needs to be pointed directly to its target for proper audio recording. It uses unidirectional microphones capable of concentrating highly on the sound source to record the audio accurately. As it is unidirectional, it is only significant at picking sounds directly from its target and terrible when the target is moving. The name speaks mainly of its appearance since it looks like a barrel of a shotgun.

In Shotgun Microphones, you can take control of your sound using filters on the spot. These filters will allow you to modify the sound you are recording. Some of the most common filters for shotgun microphones you can find are listed below:

  • High-Frequency Boost will help you maintain clarity with the use of a blimp or a dead cat. It will mitigate high-frequency distortion.
  • High Pass Filter or Low-Frequency Cut-off will minimize rumbling noises from pieces of machinery or wind-noises.
  • The gain filter will increase the signal amplitude.
  • Attenuation Pack will capture loud sources from people shouting or concerts.

Why should you use a shotgun microphone for your vlog?

  • Using a shotgun microphone will create more natural sound audio compared to Lavalier microphones. It will pick-up ambient noise in your recording.
  • Using a shotgun microphone for film making is ideal since you do not have to hide it from the subject or actor. It is usually seen in a boom pole operated by a boom operator and kept out of shot. Since it has an extended range and narrow polar pattern, it can still sound perfect even if it is feet away and far from shot.
  • Most shotgun microphones do not require any batteries, but rather it will work from the power your recorder provides.
  • Using a shotgun microphone is ideal for moving target or subjects since it is typically mounted into a boom stand or boom pole.

Below are the best vlogging shotgun microphones a vlogger must-have for achieving optimum audio quality for its vlog.

RODE VIDEOMIC WITH RYCOTE SHOCK MOUNT is the best vlogging shotgun microphone. It can last up to 100 hours of shooting with its single 9-volt battery. The integrated Rycote Shock Mount offers durable and excellent isolation from vibration. The main feature of this shotgun microphone that every vlogger loves about is that it isolates sounds in a loud environment. Because of its super-cardioid polar pattern, which focuses mainly on the subject in front of the camera.

RODE VIDEOMIC GO is the best vlogging shotgun microphone for daily vlogging. It has no complicated switches making it user-friendly even to amateur vloggers. You do not need batteries for this to work, which is very handy for on-the-go vloggers.

RODE VIDEOMIC PRO+ is the best vlogging shotgun microphone for DSLR and camcorders. It comes with a rechargeable battery, USB cable, and filter. It automatically switches off once you turn-off your DSLR, which saves much of its battery usage. It also comes with a windshield that protects minimizes wind-noise in your recording.

TAKSTAR SGC-598 is the best vlogging shotgun microphone for low-budget vloggers and start-up vloggers on YouTube. It is ideal for close-up shots and can go as far as 10 feet away from the target or subject wherein the audio must be picked up.

You want to know more about these fantastic shotgun microphones for your next vlog episode. Check our list of shotgun microphones that may suit your interest and budget.

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