Top Executives Gather In Alabama For The Ultimate Mastermind

Sweet Home Alabama!

The COVID-19 pandemic really kept people indoors way too long while leaving the businesses gasping for breath to survive. But, there is a silver line of hope even in this trying time. The pandemic and the resulting compulsions actually made people change their shopping habits, resulting in increased sales from the e-commerce / digital stores while the brick and mortar stores kept shut.

However, with success and sales come new “issues” that arise, and with everyone heading to the web, companies now need to think outside of the box at different strategies that can be used to bring customers to them, rather than a competitor; E-commerce stores around the world are considering new strategies and methods to come out as victors of growth beating the tough challenges thrown by the pandemic.

And with this in mind, one of America’s top entrepreneurs and CEOs who has always been a forward-thinker, Colin Wayne (founder of Redline Steel) brought together at his iconic Huntsville, Alabama mansion last week some of the greatest minds in the e-commerce and digital space for a “Founder Mastery Mastermind Retreat”.

Successful entrepreneur Lewis Howes (who is a close friend of Mastermind workshop creator Mike Zeller) once stated, “We can go faster alone, but we can go farther together.” It is with this quote the core ethos of masterminds happen.

During Wayne’s retreat, executives who were carefully pre-selected weeks in advance had a chance to come network and work with each other in a private and COVID-19-safe space.

Some of America’s brightest and most successful CEOs / minds in our country including: Braven Grant, Joe Serrao, Will Sanson, Norm Lanier, Matt Maier, Jerry Rodriguez, James Schutrop, Kolton Krottinger, Sean Matson, Chase Norton and Andrew Haddad all gathered alongside Wayne and his expert team for transformative workshops that ranged in digital sales to content creation, to marketing and public relations, to tips & tricks that will help each other gain an advantage in a very crowded marketplace.

According to Mike Zeller, “The key characteristic of a mastermind is the collective commitment entered into by its members. Everyone must agree to be open, honest, and welcoming of each other—this means welcoming of criticism as well. Members simultaneously hold each other accountable while offering consistent encouragement and reinforcement. The ultimate purpose is to expedite your progress toward any goal you designate, while helping the other members do the same.”

With COVID-19 not looking to go away anytime soon, it seems Wayne, Zeller and the group have the right idea on how to lead their companies forward… Gathering safely to network and expand each other’s mindsets to help their own companies adapt, pivot and work in this ever-changing society and marketplace.

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