Visionary Patriot Gold Group is Supporting its Customers in Every Way During this Time of Financial Crisis

With pandemic taking over all economies of the world, the word recession has now been replaced with depression. People are depressed how everything is now going to change and how this year is going to bring massive change in their financial conditions for years to come. Citizens all over are now concerned about the health and wealth of their family.

Patriot Gold Group can be considered a visionary for announcing the “2020 Election Protection” over concerns of a “wealth tax”. You can learn more about this group and see how it is impacting the lives of people positively in this time of crisis. It is as if they saw the ramification pandemic will cause in the world. 26M Americans have been already financially affected by all the stock market crash and unemployment scare. Everyone is now concerned about the economy and retirement savings.

CEO of the Patriot Gold Group, Jack Hanney, has said that if Trump’s Economic Advisor is coming out and saying ‘Summer’s Going to be a Disaster’ then one should definitely start thinking where all this is going to lead. Pandemic has not only affected 2020 but also affected the first half of 2021 and effects will go beyond.

This is high time one starts thinking about which assets are safe to protect you and your family during this downturn of financial events. The economic damage this virus is going to cause is going to dwarf the downturn. Experts are comparing this time to the decade of pain (1870s, 1930s saw similar pain) in the US.

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For more than 20% this is the time of depression as they are set to lose their jobs. Patriot has announced fee reimbursement on many retirement options keeping the status in mind. They had initially rolled out the 2020 Election protection with no fee for life IRAN on qualifying IRAs and now they are lowering the minimum requirement for NO FEE FOR LIFE IRA plus they are also waiving the fees for segregated, secured and insured storage of the safe haven assets.

The group is also wavering the cost of registered and insured shipping of the assets. IRA accounts opened through May 15th will have their fees wavered too. People can call the Patriot Gold Group at 800-974-4653 (GOLD) to know the details and the current market performance.

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