Youtube Metrics Can Help You Track Your Online Growth

The second most used search engine in the world is YouTube, second to Google. To succeed a YouTuber must have some strategies and all good strategies have metrics. Metrics tell whether the YouTuber is doing well or is doing badly.

In the analytics, YouTube shows the watch time which is the amount of a video somebody watches. YouTube finds an average watch time for each video. It tells whether the content is satisfying the viewer or not. If the content matches the expectations of the audience as described in the title and thumbnail then they go for the full video. 

On the filter option of the YouTube page, there is a “Most Popular” section. This metric shows the most popular videos in descending order. From this one can easily find out which content is grabbing the attention of the audience more and create more of such content. It also shows the most popular videos of other people and so one can easily find out who their competition is.

Impressions click-through rate is similar to the click-through rate (CTR) of a Facebook ad. Impression click-through rate is the number of times a video is being clicked. The higher the CTR the better will be the growth. When you buy subscribers from sources like Famoid, always consider these metrics in mind and be cautious on how many you buy.

Audience Information metric helps one understand whether the desired content is being created for the right audience or not. The internal traffic sources tell how many viewers came to the video by having it suggested to them or otherwise. The external traffic sources tell how many viewers came from other searches or websites.

The action per video metric can be tracked through a link tracker to see how many viewers clicked on the link provided in the video or description. 

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