Being A Single Parent Is Not Always A Curse

Being a parent is the world’s most difficult job ever. A job which starts right from conception and then never ends. It is a constant responsibility that requires your undivided attention for fulfillment. Even then, it’s almost impossible to find any parent being fully satisfied with their role in this immensely demanding expedition.

And when we come to the notion of single parenting, you just need to multiply all that comes with it, by two.With single parenting comes an excess baggage to deal with financial, emotional, moral and social responsibilities to carry on to the journey with courage and resilience.

We know it’s a bumpy road and nobody has been known to pass down the lane smoothly. It gets rougher and demanding with every notch you cross. But, the only thing that keeps a parent going is; Never Give Up! Your hard work and sacrifices for your little human will be noticed and it’s your child, who will come out of it – better and stronger.

It’s totally understandable that bringing up a child alone, especially if you are a single mom, comes with full load of responsibilities, self-sacrifices, emotional hardships and financial constraints. It’s also observed that a single parent, especially a single mother, has to face base-less abuses, judgmental comments and unsupportive attitude from the social circle.

Let us put it this way, if you are landed with a baby in your lap after an unsuccessful relationship or by fate and you happen to be a single mom, things can get as rough as one can decently imagine. But, all the chaos that single parenthood is blamed to come with; we sometimes turns a blind eye to the fact that this could be a blessing in disguise.

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Suppose, a young mother is left out single through a break-up; trust us when we say this – you are better off with your little human than being strapped in a physically or emotionally abusive and torturous relationship. If your partner has had been a drunk, exhale a sigh of relief as your child won’t have to grow up in an environment where all the baby could learn from the father figure was –how to drink till they drop!

If your partner had been unfaithful to you, be grateful that you are gifted with courage and self-respect that didn’t allow you to stay in such an emotionally draining relationship. Stand up with your head high in the air because you were the savior for your child. You saved your baby from growing up with a man, who didn’t know how to keep his words and commitment.

Even if, your partner had been taken away by fate from you and you are left with his memories and a baby to look after; be sure that God found you to be resilient and strong enough to leave you with such a delicate responsibility. Trust yourself and stand up. Make a fresh start and prove out to the world that you are strong enough to go ahead and make an extremely responsible, educated and firm citizen out of your little human.

When you feel you need any kind of support in any form and you are located somewhere around the Metro Atlanta Area, consider yourself lucky. Randolph Foundation is one of its kinds of NGO which focuses to extend help to struggling single mothers. Be the need is for personal fitness program to promote your physical and mental health or educational tutoring programs – both for you and your child. Be you require free meal program for your under-eighteen years child or you need financial assistance or consultation regarding business establishment or home ownership plan, the Randolph Foundation has got you covered.

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If you are a single mom, don’t worry looking at your circumstances but look forward to raising your child to the best of your abilities. The people at Randolph Foundation are here to extend a helping hand. You can reach out to the foundation by visiting their website or directly calling to book an appointment. You can also drop an email to know further about their different programs. Get in touch and we assure you timely response in accordance with your needs.

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