Binge-Drinking Culture is on a Rise in UK, Leading to Emergence of Exclusive Rehab in London

Alcohol abuse has increased drastically. It is legal to consume alcohol so it is considered harmless but it is not. Statistics say that UK has been binge drinking and promoting the culture in many parts of the country. Alcohol has devastating effects on the health and then alcohol abusers need to go to rehab to get over the addiction.

The addiction is dangerous and despite warnings from the government, the UK citizens aren’t stopping. They are drinking more than the recommended percentage of alcohol in week. The warning states that one needs to not have more than 14 units in a week. But binge drinking has become a pattern. Though this is a very alarming situation, but there are some rehabs as well that are helping people deal with this addiction. One of the exclusive rehabs that is getting popular is

Alcohol related deaths are on a rise. Liver diseases are resulting in premature deaths. The majority of them are men but there has been steep rise of alcoholics in women too. The percentage has drastically increased. The death rate for females has risen from 10.6 per 100,000 to 14.4 per 100,000 in 2015.

The South East of England and London, figures have been down but there has been rise in the alcohol related deaths in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. People are advised to go for an alcohol detox before they opt for any kind of alcohol rehab program. The detox happens under the supervision of trained medical professionals. They help the victim of alcohol to quit it.

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Relapse is possible even when one quits or decides to quit the habit but the professionals make sure this condition does not arise by helping the patient to learn skills to avoid any kind of relapse. Alcohol is linked to life-threatening diseases if left untreated. Liver disease, heart disease, cancer, chronic depression, anxiety, and alcohol poisoning when large quantities are consumed can be caused by alcohol. Getting rid of alcohol is the only way forward to live a life.

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