How Johnny Dominguez aka JD Rex ‘Zoom’ed His Way to Build successful Businesses as an e-commerce entrepreneur

Whether it is the tech or the entertainment world, JD Rex is leaving no stone unturned to grow as a serial entrepreneur

For some people, learning never stops. This is a very rare quality today to find in individuals. However, many youngsters have come forward to showcase what they truly possess and not just that they are also ready to learn more things to better themselves in their respective fields. Many newcomers have entered different market sectors and honed their skills, displaying their true talents and progressing themselves, while still learning. Learning at each step of his way, Johnny Dominguez, aka JD Rex, took advantage of many opportunities to build his road towards becoming the most successful serial entrepreneur in today’s technological world.

JD Rex, the leading tech expert and e-commerce specialist, expert business visionary and a former successful 7-figures trader with a background of software engineering has long years of experience with propelling and operating new businesses ranging from engineering, product development and advanced technology architecture. He started his career in the technology space and worked in various successful ventures till date, proving his mettle either as a partner or an owner.

He hails from Cuba and since the beginning, had a knack for all things technical, this encouraged him towards the entrepreneurial world in the space of software development.

The chief of a high-development Amazon retailer Vestige LLC, which helps organizations through online automation, he has also entered the entertainment field, demonstrating his ability as a sequential business visionary, making all of his businesses rewarding. As a software developer, he has so far created successful software solutions, that helps in making Amazon automation attain a unique place. With his passion and thirst to become a successful business person, he has also headed more than 20 ventures working in various verticals, making them all profitable with the support of his highly talented and skilled workforce.

Being the CEO of the high-growth Amazon retailer Vestige LLC, he has helped multiple businesses to progress and increase their revenues with the help of online automation. The way the technological solutions of JD Rex have seamlessly integrated into the modern business models across industries have only expanded their markets. JD Rex is a hustler who has made a highly successful career for himself by offering high yielding customized tech solutions, making him earn great returns.

As an inventor, pushing back borders and seeing no limits, the way this tech and e-commerce entrepreneur has grown over the years and tasted success in various businesses, he stands as a true inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

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